Hello, I am Arielle Goddard—artist, designer, teacher, magic-maker, and mama of two girls, ages 5 and 10. I have been teaching and developing art programs in Los Angeles for 20 years.  Art Camp is built on my love of creative expression, my belief that art is for everyone, and happy, sun-bleached memories of summer camp.  

If you are here I’m guessing there is a small part of you, or maybe it’s more like a hungry bear inside of you, that is yearning to create. Do you find yourself on Pinterest collecting ideas that never see the light of day? Or maybe certain colors speak to you but you don’t know how to translate that love of color into a finished project that you can live with.  Maybe you are looking for inspired, elevated arts and crafts projects you can do with your kids. Or you're a teacher looking for fresh art content to bring into your K-12 classroom. Or you're a brand that is in need of some handmade flair.

Welcome to ART CAMP! Consider me your brave explorer, your trusty guide. I’ve foraged and gathered all the colorful inspiration and practical tools that you will need to become a confident maker.  At this campsite we are going to break some rules and feed those bears. Let the art adventuring begin!