Father's Day Photo Collage


some memories never leave your bones. like salt in the sea; they become part of you. - and you carry them.



April Green, Paper Wings


This post has been 75% complete for the past 12 days. I was talking to a friend this morning about how many projects I have that are 75% complete. We were talking about that last 25% push that it takes to finish and all the obstacles that stand in the way.  Sometimes the spark that was there at the beginning just wanes. Sometimes it's perfectionism. Sometimes we get tired.  Sometimes the work just needs to breathe a little.  Sometimes it's just life.

This time it was the life that is the final week of school before summer break. You know the one, chock full of school celebrations, party invitations, appointments, volunteer opportunities, AND 5th grade culmination. My first born is officially off to middle school.  I'm not sure how it happened. It feels like her first day of kinder was a month ago but it happened and she is so clearly ready.  I think I am too even though there is a lump in my throat, a tiny ache in my heart, and my eyes have been replaced by two hyperactive spritzing geysers. These milestones are markers of time and I don't always want to be reminded that time is moving faster than the speed of light.

It's not that I want to stop the passing of  time, I am just looking for the pause button. My spidey senses have been telling me that it's buried somewhere in the California Desert. So I decided to pack up the husband, the girls, and 2 of the big girl's dearest friends and head to the desert in search of the pause. Time moves slower in the dry heat, drenched in pool water and bon fire smoke. It just does.

Father's Day Photo Collage 2

Speaking of the PA'S... Father's Day is 4 days away and we are sharing a simple, kid-made DIY that is sure to become one of dad's favorite keepsake treasures. You gotta make one... or 5!



  • black and white photo(s) on printer paper
  • large craft sticks (aka oversized popsicle sticks)
  • washi tape
  • gel sticks
  • chalk paint or acrylic or tempera paint
  • paint brushes
  • hot glue gun
  • assorted collage papers
  • Elmer's school glue or Mod Podge
  • pom pom hem
  • twine for hanging
  • square sheets of watercolor paper (We used 8x8 and still had to trim them slightly to fit inside our frame.)

1. Cut a square 8" x 8" sheet of thick white paper and grab some paint, oil pastels, crayons, and other favorite materials. Stand back and watch the magic happen! 

Father's Day Photo Collage 3

Here we have a little rainbow action taking place.

 Love the torn pieces of paper that appeared in this abstract piece.

Love the torn pieces of paper that appeared in this abstract piece.

 Are those rain drops?

Are those rain drops?

 Nope, not rain drops. Just a new painting technique. Drops of paint get smeared and smoothed with a scrunched paper towel.

Nope, not rain drops. Just a new painting technique. Drops of paint get smeared and smoothed with a scrunched paper towel.


2. Once the mini masterpieces are dry you will add black and white memories on top. Pick some of dad's favorite photos and resize them in your print settings. Select the black and white option. Print. Cut. Paste. Elmer's school glue or Mod Podge is the perfect adhesive for adding the images on top of the paintings.

Father's Day Photo Collage 7

3. Time to make a frame. Grab 4 large craft sticks and glue the corners together. We used our hot glue gun for this step. 

Father's Day Photo Collage 8

4. Decorate your frame! You could add some washi...

Father's Day Photo Collage 9

Or add a distressed paint job...

Father's Day Photo Collage 10

Or a little bright paint stick action!

Father's Day Photo Collage 11

Oh the possibilities:

Father's Day Photo Collage 12

What about some finishing touches? Who can resist the lure of the pom pom? Mini or...

Father's Day Photo Collage 13


Father's Day Photo Collage 14

5. Add a hanging loop.

Father's Day Photo Collage 15

Guaranteed to make Dad smile:

Father's Day Photo Collage 16
Father's Day Photo Collage 17
Father's Day Photo Collage 18
Father's Day Photo Collage 19